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60/60 Diamond Jubilee Commission

Decorate-a-Throne workshops

Following our Down Your Street detective sessions, the tenants of Dunstan Court decorated cardboard thrones with vintage decoupage using images inspired by family life from 60 years ago and the Queen's Coronation.


Children from the primary school  worked to decorate each throne to represent a different theme relating to family life, past and present.  They used a combination of images from 60 years ago juxtaposed with images from the present, covering topics such as food, money, fashion, technology.

Students from the secondary School customised theirs into futuristic thrones, and members of the wider community were also encouraged to join in as part of the Great Decorate -a -Throne Giveaway. 


Down Your Street Detectives

To help find out more about the area to inform the artwork, and inspire the next generation to find out more about where they live, Children from Queen Edith School and local residents came together to hear a talk by local historians Mike Petty and Sarah Payne. Also using artefacts from the Cambridge Folk Museum as stimulus, pupils then came back for a second visit to interview the residents about their memories of family life 60 years ago.


Jubilee Jamboree

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Bank holiday and the project so far, a collaboration with the Same Sky Field for Dreams project enabled the Jubilee Jamboree;  a unique and vibrant community celebration.

All particpants in the project were invited to bring their thrones to the Jubilee Jamboree celebration.

Scores of people brought out their thrones which they had decorated in response to thinking about past present and future, with musical entertainment from Remix 60/60: The Future Sound of Wulfstan way.




An exhibtion of the thrones was also held in Cambridge City Centre, 'en-throne' as part of the Changing Spaces Gallery programme.


design detectives

Design development for the seating


Launch/ Shopping Bag

The seating was launch at a special christmas celebration at the local centre. To mark the occasion a re-usable shopping bag was designed by students from the Netherhall school for giveaway at the event.


Public Artist and Producer

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