Formation light poles Active Landscape| Field of Play

KickstART Field of Play
KickstART Field of Play

Chesterton Pupils perform This Is The Place


IWM Duxford Year of The Artist Residency


Formation light poles Active Landscape| Field of Play


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Current Projects 


Cambridge KickstART is a public art programme of commissions celebrating the creation of new homes on the site of Cambridge City FC's grounds in the heart of the city, now known as Mitcham's Park. It marks the club's historic move to a new home. Housebuilder Crest Nicholson PLC funded the  programme as part of City Council policy to help foster community pride and enhance a sense of place.  

Having written the initial kickstART planning strategy, I then curated and coordinated a range of permanent and celebratory projects in both the ‘community’ spaces as well as physical spaces. The programme combines cross artform events and community development projects with sculptural features and integrated design approaches. 


The final phase was to work with the landscape architects on the development of the 'Active Landscape', involving students from Chesterton Community College in generating ideas for the design through workshops using Minecraft with Blockbuilders and in partnership with CEDAR and Anglia Ruskin University.



Service Movement Desire | Lightrider | Making The Move

A collaboration with animator James Conan Baker and Colour Films - Service | Movement | Desire is a short film featuring unique footage from Cambridge City Football Club’s final match played on their old ground at Milton Road. 


This has been woven together with animated drawings by Milton Road Primary School pupils and footage from the Lightrider | Making The Move, a giant running footballer animation projected from a specially converted bike along the route from old to new ground. 

The film is a key commission in the KickstART series exploring the evolution of the site from ancient gravel pit through various incarnations as a community sporting arena to its last identity as the home of Cambridge City FC before being earmarked for re-development. 



Home :The Threshold

The Thresholds Project is a public art project for the Cambridge Affordable Housing Framework commissioned by Cambridge City Council in partnership with Keepmoat Homes. I worked  with Glass Artist Louise Watson to create bespoke glass balconies and door glass for seven housing developments across Cambridge.  Each site has its own distinct design devised with young people from the neighbourhood.

Symbolic talismans have often been used to mark a threshold, to ward off bad spirits or show status. People often decorate their threshold to represent their individuality.  The student designers were asked to look up and create their own symbols to represent the notion of Home for use within the designs for the threshold glass. 

The symbolic motifs are to be layered within the double glazed units with maps of the local neighbourhood relevant to each site.  The resulting artwork marks the threshold between private and public space.

To further explore the notion of Thresholds and to encourage new residents to explore their community, a puzzle trail for each neighbourhood has also been devised in partnership with Discovery Games


Home : Worlds Within

Part of the Thresholds project, as a celebration of the involvement of the student designers in the project, Home:Worlds Within is an exhibition of artworks made by nearly 100 local young people. 

These artworks take the form of miniature tunnel book 'dioramas', allowing students the chance to create their own representations inspired by their own homes. Their work was celebrated with a launch by the Mayor of Cambridge and exhibited at the Museum of Cambridge as part of the University Curating Cambridge Festival.


Using photos drawings and collage they have created three-dimensional miniature worlds, which when exhibited together reflect the varied social and cultural backgrounds of the communities within the different neighbourhoods of Cambridge.


Twilight on The Move

A series of street projections for Cambridge University Museums Twilight event.  


Working with James Baker, animator, we brought hundreds of school children to explore the museum collections and make drawings for inclusion in the final work with the aim of helping the children feel part of the cultural life of the city and to take ownership of the museum collections.


The street projections were toured around at the Twilight event using the Light Rider projection bike to encourage families to visit more than one museum.



Introduced Species : Inhabit, Cultivate, Frequent, Practice, Tend, Guard, Respect

First panel is installed at Taylor Wimpey's Praecedo development. Each one is a word from the Roman Motto including all of the different species in different languages that relate to the Roman and Military origins of the site.


To celebrate the launch of the project, 2000 packs of seed species introduced by the Romans have been distributed to local families, encouraging people to establish  roots in their new neighbourhood.

Shift :The Timber Stack

Kathryn Sumroy's award winning seating design for Navigation Road Chelmsford, 'The Timber Stack', is launched at a Canal Funday organised to promote the project. 


Kathryn's work was chosen  from a shortlist of student work from the National Furniture School as part of the project I  devised and co-ordinated for Taylor Wimpey East London.


Enigma, featured in the Isle of Ely Festival presented as part of the Fenland Suite, a set of dance works inspired by local landscpe and history.  Devised as part of collaboration with Integrated dance group Lantern Dance Theatre Company it was then showcased  at U-Dance East at Bedford University.

Lantern is an integrated contemporary dance group.  About half its members have a disability. Everyone is on equal terms, committed to training hard and performing full on. The introduction of an interactive sculptural element allowed the company to explore different ways of developing their movement material, resulting in this dynamic new work.

60/60 Diamond Jubilee Commission

Commissioned by Cambridge City Council Public Art team to develop and deliver a new artwork that takes the form of seating as the final part of their environmental improvement works at Wulfstan Way and to mark the Jubilee year with different age groups within the community..


As part of the process, I used social activity to bring the different generations together to share, explore, and celebrate the local stories and social history from the area over the past 60 years and also think about their aspirations for the next 60 years. 


The designs for the permanent sculptural seating have been developed with a group of students from concept drawing into three dimensions, thinking about the community changing from past present to future

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