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Year of the Artist Residency
Imperial War Museum, Duxford
A series of three sculptural pieces inspired by the Museum’s aircraft collection, the result of a YOTA residency experimenting with metal and fabric manipulation alongside the aircraft conservation team. 
It is a development of previous work exploring visual connections between natural and man-made engineering, and in particular, metamorphosis and flight.  It explores the development of structure within the museum’s collection - the evolution of forms from the more skeletal, with taut paper-thin skin, through to the monocoque – where the skin is strong enough to form the structure itself.
The sculpture has evolved by juxtaposing the natural equivalents – birds, insects, seeds to create ‘hybrid’ forms.  The incorporation of aspects of aircraft construction learnt from the engineers has helped to shape my scullptural response.
The work  is the outcome of a year-long residency as part of the national Year Of The Artist initiative which aimed to put 1000 artists in 1000 places to commemorate the new millennium.  The emphasis of the project was to enable artists to work in places they would not normally be found, and in this way give the public an unexpected introduction to the contemporary arts.  
Visitors to the museum, local schools, colleges and special needs groups also became involved in the project by participating in workshops. They were encouraged to think creatively about the collections at Duxford and use them as inspiration for their own artwork.


Public Artist and Producer

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