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Student Designers get involved in design Workshop to help vision the Active Landscape


Cambridge KickstART and BlockBuilders, an organisation that uses Minecraft to engage young people in their local community and environment, ran a workshop at Chesterton Community College in December 2014. 15 eager students got involved in the free design workshop, where they created interactive digital landscapes to help influence public art ideas for the new housing development at Cambridge City FC’s former site.

Detailed design workshops were also held at Chesterton Communtiy College in collaboration with CEDAR (the Centre for Diet and Activity Research ) to explore options for the specific design of the Active Landscape once this concept was being developed with Murdoch Wickham Landscape Architects. Students explored different exercise and game configurations to stimulate the key activity areas inspired by the footballing origins of the site -Strength, Stamina and Suppleness.

One student fully focused on designing his own landscape
Students presented their ideas to Crest Nicholson and members of the Cambridge City Council Planning team at the end of the Blockbuilders design workshop
Using Minecraft Edu to experiment with digital landscapes
Screen shot of an interactive design from the Blockbuilders workshop
Using Minecraft Edu to experiment with digital landscapes
Participants were able to explore their designs in 3D through a VR headset
Students experimented with different design configurations for the Active Landscape using chalk spray 
image 1 crop copy.jpg
Students testing out their Active Landscape design ideas
Students exploring different options for activities to stimulate Strength, Suppleness and Stamina
Participants from the Active Landscape design workshop

Public Artist and Producer

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