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Perse School
Entance Ramp Feature with VNL
Concept designs for a distinctive artwork that takes the form of a landscape feature and entrance ramp.  Developed in collaboration with Heini Van Niekerk and Luisella Lazzarino of VNL architects, the concept behind our design is inspired by the identity of the school and its symbol: the mother pelican who sacrifices her feathers for her young.
The ramp leading to the entrance represents the bird’s wing and a feather-shaped side encloses it and leads physically and visually toward the entrance of the school.  The point that the feather joins the ‘mother bird’ is marked with a time capsule set into the floorscape.
The artwork is imposing and striking and impacts on the view from the main school entrance. This gives importance to the main access to the building whilst softening its angular lines.
The “wing & feather” compliment the entrance and strengthen the school’s symbolism and identity.  It will create texture and interest and have an element of ‘flex’ giving it an organic and tactile quality. 
functionality is also an important part of the design rationale. The new ramp (the wing) will lead to the entrance and will comply to part M so that the school will be accessible by all users.
At the rear of the quill, a new bike parking area will be rationalised.  The design of the racks will be developed by a group of students alongside the artist and design team, extending the philosophy of the design rationale further. 

Public Artist and Producer

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