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The Willingham Wing
Bus Stop Project
with Louise Watson for South Cambridgeshire DC
A chance to create a contemporary sculptural bus stop feature within a conservation area of this Cambridgeshire village.  The aim, to create a local landmark celebrating aspects of Willingham’s past as a flower growing and bee keeping community whilst appealing to both young and old. 
Transforming the heavily cluttered site with many physical limitations, the final design includes a sculptural canopy and discrete floor lighting set into the paving. Young people from Willingham were invited to make their mark by creating designs to be digitally transferred onto these floor lights. Designs can be found at the bus stop site, and also on badges, postcards and specially produced shopping bags promoting Willingham.
The Bringing Back the Flowers community planting initiative has been developed for the Parish Council in order to rejuvenate the surrounding verges. 

Public Artist and Producer

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