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Diamond Jubilee Commission

Wulfstan Way Cambridge

Cambridge City Council

A new artwork that takes the form of seating as the final part of the environmental improvement works at Wulfstan Way.
The project encompasses a programme of social activity to encourage the different generations to share and celebrate the local stories and social history from the area over the last 60 years.​​
The design for the permanent sculptural seating has been developed with a group of young people from the area using local research and a consideration of art and design ethics of the 1950's as starting points.
The seating takes the form of three stainless steel hemispheres arranged within the space to sit on individually or with friends.  Each hemisphere has a glowing core to represent the heart of the community, and varying sizes of segmented timber 'slats' to represent the passage of time and the variation of the changing neighbourhood. 
The work explores notions of the the changing community and the different perceptions of that change from the different generations. Some see it as growing and getting more fragmented, some see it as more varied and interesting.





Public Artist and Producer

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