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Peter Darwin
Construction Manager


I am based at the Luton office, but I have to in my role visit all the construction sites. I am basically a link between the construction site team and the support staff based in the Luton office, and my main role is to ensure that all the sites are planned correctly and comply with the current H&S (Health and Safety) legalities! (Amongst many other roles).


I have worked for Keepmoat Homes for 1 year and have over 40 years experience in the construction industry.


I work with all the members of the Keepmoat teams at the Luton Office site.


My working environment is Luton, Cambridge, Peterborough -- the A14, A1, A425.


I feel it’s a privilege to work in the construction industry as every day in my life is different. Some good, some bad!

Public Artist and Producer

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